Monday, 5 August 2013


One of the things I really love about Paris is the architecture. Most of my time is spent looking up at the wonderful buildings and taking pictures with a bent back ;) These pictures of both colour and black & white were taken while walking around the city. Some are from inside The Louvre and the amazing art, but the majority of the focus is from the outside. Below is a selection of my favourites, but you can check out the full set over on my Flickr page.

Equipment: I used my Lumix Panasonic FZ48 and iPhone, for these. I only had black and white film for my TRIP, but I also wanted to capture the beautiful natural colours, of the city. I particularly love the intense colours from inside The Louvre.

Editing: The weather wasn’t great during this trip, so I’ve had to adjust the sharpness and exposure with these. Other than that, there is no editing.

One of the best and favourite pictures I've ever taken!

How incredible are these colours?!

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