Sunday, 26 January 2014


I have been woeful with updating this blog and I must apologise. Life got pretty hectic and my other blog took over for a while, but this year is about managing my time between the two and I’m so excited to show you what I’ve been shooting – I’ve been a busy girl!

Night photography is something I’ve always wanted to do but have been scared to travel in and around London with cameras in tow on my own, but thankfully I have awesome people in my life who are willing to travel around with me and partake in the photo fun. Unfortunately this was the only one we could squeeze in before Christmas and with Spring on the horizon, it’s unlikely we’ll get another opportunity, but I’m super happy with the one session we did have.

These pictures were taken late last year and took place at Battersea and Waterloo. I have always loved Battersea Power Station and still can’t believe they’re tearing it down. I love the structure of the building and it’s such a shame they couldn’t find some way to keep it the way it is. I’m glad I took the time to really walk around the building and scrape together some photos from the few views available (due to highly irritating boards). The next stop was Waterloo. Waterloo Bridge is my absolute favourite bridge in London. For me, you get the best views of the river and surrounding buildings and I’m the luckiest girl to travel across it everyday for work.

I shot these in Black and White, but when I went through them they looked way too tame, way too clean and clear. I wanted an almost graphic novel affect – gritty, misshapen, distorted and urban, so I decided to edit them. I’m not really one for editing at all as I like the photos I take to remain in their natural state, but for the desired affect I had to heavily edit. I wanted deep-rooted darkness, darkness where you'd have to squint to make everything out. But with darkness comes light so I also enhanced the few spots of light, but still wanted the light to look grainy, as if there was a hint of fog in the air.

I used both my Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ48 and Olympus TRIP, and these are from the Lumix. I have yet to develop my 35mm film, but I’m looking forward to seeing how those have turned out.

I’m so pleased with the results of the Panasonic and the pictures remind me of Nolan’s Gotham. I don’t think Batman would feel too far away from home if he were to find himself in these pictures.

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There are a few more over on my Flickr.

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